Just a pic of the late Geat kookoo Chica

Chica Silly as ever at D.T. Flemmings Beach park she was told she wouldn't live past 6-9 yrs recent and she or he lived to fourteen she ought to them negative Dorothy Leigh Sayers and until she was eight Chica out ran associatey dog you'll notice she would run thus quick sideway infront of alternative dogs fetchin balls that folks would be wowed she even had a devotee club on Maui an seems in many another traveler family photograph one  time this well dressed Japanese traveler girl ordered down within the grass craniate position cuddled up with Chica kissing her for over 40mins until her partner came in from windsurfing once more she spent each afternoon for a handful weeks with a visitng family and their very little seven year recent lady during a chair w/ms giving her the ball to throw.

She was seriously unemployed from Kaupo Ranch bcuz she no like be shouted at to herd cows boy did she prefer to herd kitties tho' they no like being herded she was the anomaly of Maui United Nations agency new enjoying was method mo fun than social She would create Adults ought to get the ball however youngsters she would place it at their feet she might get the ball within the air off initial the primary bounce when it
absolutely was hit as laborious as doable w/a racket as way as I might hit it in associate open field utilizing the missing leg as a drift brake fliping a hundred and eighty obtaining infront of the ball because it created it's first bounce she would sneek out throughout the day head the court across from the beach and grab a ball look each ways that cross the road play with traveler on the beach until I got off work she once contend 1day until she might nolonger move whereas i used to be 8days within the Hospital and Hotdog had automotivery to hold her back to my automotive he aforesaid she was thus widespread that in my hsptl keep thanks to surf injury coral underneath knee cap ouch living outta my automotive everybody came and took care of her and therefore the police didn't turn her in or ticket/yow my car she was really wonderful I do miss her and shall post a lot of of her antics through vid n pic she was thus good she might keep in mind dogs names and wherever each beach shower was thus on avoid baths we tend to known as her planet chica as a result of just one occasion she terminated up with such a large amount of ticks it absolutely was like she was a planet for ticks however before n when she ne'er had ticks do not know why she simply did not CHICA ROCKED!!! they even aforesaid when surgery as a result of she Greek deity her leg off that she would cut down that was up to now from the reality not even funny she got quicker, however all her fans aforesaid it absolutely was a blessing since before being 3 legged she was a full spaz solely the thusle dog alowed behind the counter at the small country vid store she would wag thus laborious for individuals she knocked all the videos off the shelves and would throw her legs out from underneath to straight back flop on solid groun to induce belly rubs lol she was the smallest amount probably dog to induce adopted too she was so boring in preview sessions and would only fetch n heel she wouldn't bit one support of the five going away the house because the door opened she understood full setences and to induce her to try and do stuff you had to speak to her fully setences lol she wouldn't bark unless required or telling you one thing like let Maine out let Maine in with only 1 bark not from now on than that though you did not respond at that time she would use totally different styles of barks for alternative things like food kitty ball disk water beach... a definite dog... etc

USAed to be even reaching to get her however my momma wouldn't get Maine the other dog as a result of she aforesaid there was one thing within the method she appearance us and in her eyes there was one thing special I was at the time 6mnth into convalescent from get this lol a serious spinal injury from you guessed it water sport  Chica Chaquita went from boring at the Adoption to Spazzmatic wrestling player speedster nut bag catchin frisbees over she might manage a landing slamming on her back w/no care ne'er pain from head ons into the thuslid in ground picket dog house from being carrened  into it by the sole dog to stay up with Minny the cows dog so loud they hit that dog house with their heads you'll hear it across the property..... individuals would be over detected voice communication did you see that dog leaps at full speed w/out losing stride or did you see that dog fly off the dock n land running at full speed or

OH my god that dog has 3 legs however the hell is she out running my dog when they simply nearly stick out of their skin action shocked guesture trying dismayed to the bone.......... compassionate the dangerous synchronic linguistics n orthography however

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