Chihuahua Puppy Care

 You own one amongst the foremost endearing dog breeds within the world; you furthermore may have one amongst the foremost fragile. once having a dog that may be associate degree adult size of solely 2-7 pounds, understanding puppy care, correct handling, feeding, grooming and a lot of is extremely vital.

We will dive into all of the small print that you simply, as a adoring owner, ought to be doing to create certain you have got each a contented and a healthy Chihuahua.

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Remember that very little} little guy or woman you brought home are in a very time of rapid climb, and also the care that you simply give currently are the inspiration for a life time of fine health.

Vaccinations & once Your Puppy is prepared to travel Outside

When you get your puppy, he or she ought to be up-to-date on their shots. you ought to run documentation showing this. when selecting a well established and honourable doctor, it'll then be up to you to schedule regular visits to complete the series.

This is a non-negotiable a part of Chihuahua puppy care and your doctor can offer you a vaccination schedule.

Those who don't immunize their puppies ar swing those dogs at nice risk. there's lots of point out "over vaccinating" but to not do therefore in the slightest degree could be a Brobdingnagian mistake.

The third leading reason behind death for this breed is infections (10.5%). This includes parvo and distemper that there ar inoculations. in addition, puppies that live among shut proximity to wild life might have a conditional immunizing agent for zoonosis.

Owners surprise however long they have to wait before they will take their puppy outside for a walk or into a public place. A Chihuahua ought to have his complete rounds of puppy shots and so a further two weeks adscititious on thereto date before being brought anyplace that alternative dogs ar or might are. This includes dog parks, pet stores and even walking the route around your neighborhood.


Deworming could be a vital care component and may ne'er be unnoticed. Since parasites will ravage the body, cause extreme suffering and ultimately be fatal, it's vital to stay up with preventative treatment.

When you bring your puppy home, he or she ought to have had a minimum of one de-worming.

You should run documentation showing this. Then, it'll be your responsibility to continue with treatments till the series is complete.
Giving your dog all required preventative medication is extremely vital as a result of heartworm drugs won't work for tapeworms, whipworms and alternative parasites which will enter quickly into the body and cause nice damage. Today, medications can perform two functions at constant time: bar and expulsion.

If a dam has worms (sometimes terribly exhausting to find while not medical testing) these will and most frequently ar passed from dam to puppy throughout birth.

For proper Chihuahua puppy care, this could be done at bound times (and conjointly sometimes through the dog's life):

 once the puppy is at the vi, 8, ten and twelve months previous marks

 simply before planned breeding and conjointly before whelping

    Older, adult Chihuahuas ought to have this done two times p.a.

    Anyone UN agency simply obtains a Chihuahua not matter what his or her age ought to de-worm the dog for precautional measures

The Molera

The Chihuahua is born with a soft space on its head known as the Molera. for many dogs, this grows in and bone can type to shut this space because the Chihuahua matures.

During the primary vi or seven months, this space should be touched with care. Sadly, even some veterinarians believe it's traditional for the soft spot to stay for life; therefore missing a doubtless deadly unwellness.

If your dog contains a soft space on his or her head when seven months, this could be abnormality and a honourable and practised vet will perform tests to see for this.
Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

Chihuahua puppies ar terribly tiny - simply a pound approximately - and can want the atmosphere to be safe. Also, this breed will have hassle adjusting to new environments. Taking a while to set up ahead will build the transition to a brand new home go a lot of sander.

Here ar some tips:

1) Have all required provides prior time (more ahead). This way, you'll be able to consider the puppy while not having to leap out of the house.
large cluster of Chihuahuas
2) Puppy-proof the house. it's vital to try to to this not solely before you bring the puppy into your social unit, however conjointly on an everyday basis. Any space that the puppy might have access to ought to be checked for any objects that ar sufficiently little to be mouthed; though you'd ne'er assume a dog would care to try to to therefore.

In addition, any objects that you simply don't wish to be chewed (shoes, pocket books, remote, etc.) ought to be placed up high and out of reach. Take time to wind and secure electrical cords.

The outside space - notably wherever you may be leading the puppy for potty training- ought to be checked over moreover for any sharp objects or any doable hazards.

3) Speak with all members of the family in order that there's a transparent understanding of UN agency are chargeable for of the various sorts of care tasks. This includes feeding, walking, grooming and house coaching. it's best to possess a primary caregiver and a backup. as a result of this breed doesn't continuously handle amendment well, it's best for him to not associate walking with just one specific person. it's best if all chores and tasks ar turned in order that the puppy will become conversant in receiving care from everybody.

4) management and Limit interaction -  For the primary week approximately, it's best to limit interaction with primary social unit members solely. whereas new house owners clearly wish to indicate off their new puppy, it's best to permit a Chihuahua to urge wont to his immediate human family. Once he feels settled in and a routine has been established, nuclear family, friends and neighbors are often slowly introduced.  A Chihuahua are often back, typically shaking from anxiety if inundated.
Items you may want for Your Chihuahua Puppy

There can be sure things that you simply will got to give a secure and happy atmosphere for your very little puppy.

1) A enclosure or Gates - once humans ar keeping a detailed eye on the pup, he will vagabond free in a very puppy-proofed home. However, in the slightest degree alternative times, the puppy can want a secure and safe enclosure.

A gated off space or atiny low canine enclosure is suggested as opposition a crate. Being crated throughout daytime waking hours are often trying on a lively, hyper puppy.

2) Toys - It's fun to choose out colourful toys; but the goal of getting a decent toy assortment can serve you well once the puppy begins to teeth.
The growing introduce that milk teeth fall bent on get replaced by adult canines can usually occur between the age of four to eight months previous.
It is best to get growing specific toys. Some can have protrusions that facilitate a puppy reach a precise space of fretful gums et al. are frozen to supply cool, soothing relief to sore gums.

Since puppies will quickly tire of toys, it's counseled to stay 2 totally different buckets and rotate them in order that the Chihuahua has one thing 'new' hebdomadally approximately.
3) Grooming provides - This breed wants a moderate quantity of grooming with particle attention given to the teeth since the Chihuahua is at risk of dental caries.

    For brushing sleek coats, you'll be wanting a grooming glove, slicker brush or soft brush

    For grooming long haired Chihuahuas, you'll be wanting a large slicker brush, a large tooth comb, a water spritz bottle and a try of scissors for trimming

Brushing the coat on an everyday basis is a vital a part of care. It stimulates the natural oils on the skin, that keeps the coat healthy. It conjointly removes dirt, dust and dead hairs which will block air flow to the skin.

For all Chihuahua puppies, you may wish to have:

    Quality canine shampoo and conditioner. Human cleanup product contain a unique pH scale balance than canines need to stay the skin and coat healthy.

    Canine dentifrice and a canine toothbrush - This breed is very at risk of dental caries and for this reason, daily attention is very counseled. It solely takes a number of minutes to properly brush the teeth and most puppies - once introduced to the present early - do alright in tolerating it.

4) Harness, leash and collar - whereas most house owners solely think about a collar as a required accent, this breed has terribly totally different wants. The Chihuahua is extremely at risk of folded Trachea - a condition within the rings of animal tissue that surround the cartilaginous tube ar broken or collapse inward. This causes respiration problem, discomfort and coughing with an extended recovery amount.

It solely takes a second for a puppy (or older dog) to air leash and collar, and lunge to the aspect or jump up ahead. If this happens and also the leash was command taut, all of the pressure and force is place directly on the puppy's neck. this may instantly crush the cartilaginous tube.
When a harness is employed instead, if the puppy runs ahead, lunges out, jumps to the aspect or makes the other action that may otherwise place pressure on the neck, the harness distributes any pressure across the chest, shoulders and back. This greatly reduces doable injury and keeps the puppy safe. house owners notice that with a harness, they need far better management with their dog, that ends up in a lot of pleasant walks and easier coaching in respect to heeling.

A collar will actually be used moreover, this is able to be to carry the dog's ID and is dead fine as long because it isn't hooked up to the leash.

Both a vi foot and a twelve foot leash is suggested - The vi foot leash works alright for break-in functions and for walks. The twelve foot leash works well for outdoor activities wherever you would like to permit your Chihuahua puppy to possess a lot of of a sense of freedom and talent to cavort, whereas making certain his or her safety.
*** For all counseled toys, grooming provides, leashes and harnesses, look to the Chihuahua Specialty Shoppe.

5) Food - presumably, the food that you simply select can take issue from the one that the stock raiser (or previous owner) of your puppy was feeding to him or her. However, any amendment should be done slowly and bit by bit, over the course of a minimum of one month.

You ne'er wish to run out and need to fed your puppy one thing that's not healthy for him, therefore once you discover the flavors that your puppy loves, stock up.

For growing puppies, providing a awfully top quality food is therefore vital for correct Chihuahua puppy care. you'll want to find out a lot of regarding this within the section: What to feed a Chihuahua.  For newborn puppies, you may wish to examine ablactation a Chihuahua.

6) Food & Water Bowls - There are literally one or two of various parts to stay in mind for what one might imagine is a straightforward a part of Chihuahua puppy care. Deeply coloured plastic bowls will cause staining to the fur, notably on the facial hairs of a dog of any age.
Additionally, the significant dyes employed in these product will slowly leak into food and water, triggering associate degree allergy. Best would be to use ceramic or chrome steel.

The size is vital moreover. attributable to the little bodily structure of the Chihuahua, you may wish to get terribly shallow dishes or bowls in order that the puppy isn't able to accidentally bump his head against the rim.

7) Blankets - Baby blankets will are available handy. they ought to be placed within the pen and turned in order that their is usually a recent, clean one. Hygiene is vital with blankets or any washable  things that your puppy are resting upon or is in reality with on a each day. Dust, dirt, food particles, urine, fecal matter and alternative parts are often a piece of land for microorganism and even be the trigger for allergies.

Blankets ought to be washed solely with hypo-allergenic detergent. you'll want to browse a lot of within the allergic reaction section.

Care Tips to stay Your Chihuahua Happy & Healthy

While there ar several tasks that require to be drained order to properly take care of a Chihuahua puppy, knowing what has to be done once and having a schedule are often terribly useful.

Feeding - A puppy beneath the age of four months ought to be free-fed. this suggests that fresh foods is omitted in the slightest degree times in a very selected space. A Chihuahua puppy will best with tiny amounts of food opened up over the day. With a high metabolism and heaps of energy, this may facilitate the puppy keep oil-fired.

Puppies from the age of four months to one year ought to have three meals per day. Spreading meals out conjointly helps with preventing symptom. symptom could be a health condition that each one toys breeds ar at risk of and particularly puppies. This speedy call glucose will happen to the most effective cared for puppies.

Warning signs ar weakness, dizziness, instability of the feet and hassle walking. Treatment includes rubbing a drop of honey into the gums and so doable IV treatment at associate degree veterinary clinic.

Adults do best with two meals per day. Snacks and treats are often reserved for reinforcing smart behavioural habits.

Baths - Baths ought to run each three weeks notwithstanding whether or not the puppy seems to be clean. there'll be a buildup of oils, dirt, mud and dust that may got to be clean out of the coat. Baths ar best drained the sink with a non-slip rubber mat placed at the lowest.

Have all required provides shut at hand and a heat towel looking ahead to once the tub is finished. it's best to relinquish the coat a brushing right before laundry so as to get rid of dead hairs that ar unfree close to the skin, in order that the shampoo will reach all the method down into the coat.
Exercise - Once all puppy shots are given and a pair of weeks has passed at the moment date, you may be able to safely walk your Chihuahua puppy come in public. With a harness on to stay the neck safe from injury and wear - if it's cold outside - it'll be time to bring your puppy for a minimum of one 2- minute walk per day. tho' 2 walks ar counseled for hyper, active pups.

Even if a puppy runs round the house and seems to be terribly active inside, providing daily out of doors exercise is usually recommended. A amendment in scenery and and recent air works well to permit a Chihuahua puppy to alleviate inhibited energy and satisfy his instinct to explore. it's conjointly a vital a part of socialization; to bit by bit introduce a dog to numerous parts of the planet around him.

Do confine mind that young puppies beneath the age of one year previous mustn't be over-exercised. an excessive amount of running and alternative activity that puts stress on the body will interfere with growth plates. 
Chihuahua puppy quiet on inexperienced grass
Sleep - Puppies will sleep quite bit. Adult dogs sleep a mean of thirteen hours. A young puppy might sleep anyplace from seventeen to twenty one hours per day. This includes each nighttime sleep and naps taken throughout the day. every month because the puppy matures, he would require less sleep till he reaches the eleven to fourteen hour mark as associate degree adult.

If a puppy contains a exhausting time sleeping in the dead of night, this may ensue to needing a lot of stimulation throughout the day. Going from one walk to 2 are often useful. Also, you'll wish to include command coaching and even lightness training; each activities that may fag out a puppy and keep his day fuller in order that sleeping in the dead of night is a lot of appealing.

While it's exhausting to resist the instinct to rush over to a whimpering puppy within the middle of the night, it's vital to permit a Chihuahua puppy the chance to self-sooth. once every whimper is met attentively, the puppy can seldom stop line out for his house owners. As long as you recognize that there's not an opportunity that the pup has to attend the toilet which he's safe and secure, it's fine to ignore barking, yelp or whining.

Have a Schedule - Have a group schedule can facilitate each you and your dog. whereas it will facilitate to stay you organized, it'll conjointly aid in creating a Chihuahua feel a lot of safe and secure.
Canines have associate degree uncanny ability to stay a tremendous internal clock. They grasp once the food bowl ought to be placed down and can hold you responsible if you're sitting on the lounge once they expect to be taken for a walk.

When a dog grasp what to expect and once to expect it, behavior is healthier overall. as an example, associate degree otherwise restless and barking puppy typically could be a a lot of calmer and well-behaved dog if he is aware of that he can shortly be taken outside for a game of fetch, tutored commands and so brought back inside for dinner.

When there ar set times for grooming, feeding, walks, play, command coaching and even family time quiet ahead of the TV, this provides a dog a way of order... And Chihuahuas like that.

Keep doctor Appointments 

Going the the vet isn't reserved for sick or battle-scarred puppies. Preventive care can go an extended method in extending the era of your Chihuahua. once a unhealthiness is caught early, this provides the dog a way higher probability for a prospering recovery.

Everything from wedged anal glands to ingrowing nails to dental caries are often treated at the clinic and these ar simply a number of of the problems that house owners might not notice promptly.

Noise and Traffic Level - whereas it's vital for a Chihuahua to be bit by bit introduced to the planet around him, this breed doesn't had best with a fast flow of noise, folks and alternative dogs. It are often terribly overwhelming. Negative experiences will shadow a dog, inflicting reluctance to enter into a future scenario and/or avoid bound folks and events.

Many owners notice it helpful to decide on one new component a month to introduce their puppy to. this might be to a neighbor's dog for a play date, a brand new dog park or maybe a brand new walking route.

When reception, attempt to be conscious of noise levels that will disturb the puppy. whereas nobody should walk on tiptoes, terribly loud TV's, stereos or alternative noises will scare a young puppy that's making an attempt to regulate to his surroundings and feel safe in his new home.

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